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For greater ease and convenience for the Client, The Company offers the possibility of acquiring the Products via different payment methods. The Client must select their preferred payment mode during the purchasing process.

The payment methods available may vary in function of the territories from which the Client purchases the Products. To this end, during the purchasing process, the Client will only be shown the payment methods available in the territory indicated by the Client.

In continuation the different payment modes are detailed which, in the event, can be selected by the Client.


The Client that selects this payment method during the purchasing process will be directly redirected to the web page of the bank entity that The Company collaborates with. The data regarding the credit card of the Client entered into the web page of the bank entity are directly sent to this entity via a secure protocol (HTTPS), without The Company having to store or treat this data.

The amount for the Products acquired by the Client will be charged to the credit card indicated at the time that the “Pay” option is selected in the web page of the corresponding bank entity.

For security reasons, The Company reserves the right to reject and/or cancel any purchase operation where the payment has been carried out via the credit card system. In this case, The Company will communicate this fact to the Client and will return the total amount of the purchase to the credit card used by the Client in the purchasing process, within a maximum of 15 days as of the moment that the Client made the payment. Similarly, The Company may indicate an alternative payment system to the Client whereby the Client may acquire the Products.